• What kind of props do you have?

    We bring a full bag of props,from masks to hats ,birthday/wedding signs,Funny signs,sunglasses just to name a few.You are welcome to bring some of your own props but we bring a full bag. Please also read our terms and conditions below: https://www.royalbooths.com.au/terms-and-conditions/

  • I was wondering how much a photo booth would cost ?

    Please see our packages below https://www.royalbooths.com.au/google-ads/

  • Hi there do you have illuminated numbers for hire?

    Yes we do please visit www.royaleventshire.com.au

  • What is idle time?

    Idle time is $50 per hour. We charge this if you would like the photo booth to be set up earlier in the day. Please advise us of this in advance.

  • There will be guests at my party who are in wheelchairs will they be able use it?

    Our booths are wheelchair accessible unlike some other types of booth. If you have special requirements to do with accessibility for your guests please let us know in advance and we will set up accordingly. Please note due the nature of photo booths being a relatively small space only one wheelchair will fit at a time in the booth although other people can still fit in with them.

  • Can we have the party information and/or company logo printed on the pictures?

    That's not a problem we can add logos, messages, captions and colour schemes to the prints and to the screen inside the photo booth and also to the outside of the photo booth. Please contact us to find out more.

  • Can I get digital copies of all the images?

    Included in the package is a USB stick with all the images from the event.

  • Are the prints colour or black & white?

    That's entirely up to your guests. Our photo booths are capable of producing color or black & white prints so we don't need to set the booth up for one or the other. All the user has to do is press the button of their choice and the photo booth will take care of the rest.

  • What size are the prints?

    Our standard size is 4×6 which the printer automatically prints into 2x6. So you get 3 photos on each photo strip.

  • Can small children use the photo booth?

    Of course they can we don't like to exclude anyone from our photo booth. Although children can use the photo booth on their own we may ask that they are accompanied or under parental supervision whilst they use the booth

  • What else do you need from the venue?

    The main thing we require from the venue is an allocated space for the photo booth. The booth takes up 2m x 2m of floor space but we need more room than this to set it up and to allow for your guests to be able to access it, we find that 2m x 2m is perfect. If you are having the guest book option, we will need an extra area next to the booth for a small table. The booth also needs to be sited near a mains power supply so that we can power it up, we only require one standard socket.

  • Are the attendants included in the price and how long are they there for?

    A trainee fully trained booth attendants are included in the hire price and are there from setup to pack away. They are there to oversee the running of the booth for the duration of the hire and encourage your guests to have fun. The attendants will also make up the albums or key rings should you choose that and have included the album in your package

  • Are your photo booths easy to use?

    The great thing about our photo booths is that they are extremely easy to operate,touchscreen too. All your guests need to do is choose some props, enter the photo booth and pose, the booth attendants will do the rest. The series of photos are then taken and instantly printed on high quality photo paper using a thermal dye sublimation printer.

  • The pics on this site look great! Are they actually of & from your booths?

    Yes absolutely! We actually get this question quite a bit. All the awesome looking pics of people in photo booths are from our booths and pics of photo booths/prop are also ours. What you see is what you get.

  • Can we have black and white photos?

    Absolutely, Kim Kardarshian booth.You can choose black and white or colour option.

  • Can my prints be customized?

    Absolutely. We can add logos, text and any graphic to compliment your event and make it unique. We will contact you a couple of weeks prior to your event to organize this with you.

  • What areas do you service?

    Victoria, NSW, QLD, ACT. SA

  • Do you offer non-attended packages?

    Yes you can choose not to have an attendant and subtract $0 from your quote.

  • How many photos can we take?

    You can take as many as you like, there’s no limit!

  • When will the booth be set up?

    We usually arrive 30-45 min before the agreed start time and set up the booth. It doesn’t take long at all. However if the situation requires, we can set up prior for a small fee. We will liase with staff at your event venue to organised the best time for them

  • Would you rather make a hire inquiry over the phone?

    Our office is open Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm. Feel free to give us a call Call us on: 0491 302 406 / 0402 585 565

  • Do your booths have a pro DSLR camera?

    We use a Canon DSLR camera, touch screen, professional dye sublimation printer which ensures studio quality and speedy photo prints.

  • Can we print extra copies?

    Absolutely. Our printer automatically prints two copies of each photo session and you can take as many pictures as you want unlimited.

  • Does it print photos instantly?

    Our printer takes 8 seconds to deliver your top quality photostrips. So by the time you put your props back on the table, the prints should be ready and waiting.

  • Can the booths go upstairs?

    Yes, one of the things that makes our photobooths unique, is that they are really portable and pack down to fit through doorways, service lifts and small stairwells. There is a $30 fee for venues with stairs but no lift access

  • What's the difference between open and closed booths?

    https://www.royalbooths.com.au/booth-options/enclosed-photo-booth-hire/ We have open and closed photobooths.Generally open booths fit more people upto 12 and closed booths about 5 people.Please see the difference between the two. https://www.royalbooths.com.au/booth-options/enclosed-photo-booth-hire/ The closed booth is an extra $100-$150 above the quoted price. The open air style photo booth has no side curtains which allows more people into the pictures. Posers can be seen by all around whilst taking their shots.

  • How do i book?

    Follow the instructions in the email sent you or Click on the "Book Online" tab on our website. Or if you have some questions before booking give us a call on 0409 1302 406 or email at royalbooths@gmail.com

  • Backdrops

    Our open booth packages come with the choice between a number of stunning sequin backdrops BLACK SILVER or GOLD as shown above, whereas the closed booth you get the classic red curtain or inflatable.

  • How much space do i need?

    It is best to allocate an area of 2m x 1m for the photo booth and props table (The booth itself is 180cm long x 80cm wide.

  • How early or late can i book?

    We have early birds booking their booth over a year in advance and we also get plenty of last minute calls. The earlier the better but if you are wanting to hire a photo booth for any event, please contact us and if we are able to help, we will.

  • When do i need to pay the balance?

    The balance is required 7 days before the date of your event. But you can pay earlier if you wish, or via installments with afterpay before the day. Just let us know what works for you.

  • Will i need to pay a deposit?

    Yes please. To book with us and to secure your event date, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50%

  • Are you able to personalize the print outs?

    All our packages include free personalized prints when you choose from up to 50 templates that we supply along with a caption of your choice. Our graphics team will contact you to assist you in the finalizing of your prints. We can create a custom design for $50.

  • The venue is on the second floor, however has lift access. Is there a surcharge?

    No Surcharge for venues with lift access. We only have surcharge stair access is the only point of entry.