Royal events hire and Royal booths brings forth another feature to the already wide Espanse of services in the world of party decoration and party services, and that feature Event photography. Always focused on customer satisfaction, this feature is one specifically designed with that in mind, as we aim at providing customers with the must needed and sought presence of an attached and roaming photograph.

Taking pictures is more than just a job, it is an art which requires the utmost skill and dedication, and here at royal events hire, we ensure that we have only the most skilled and dedicated photographers in our emoloy to take pictures of those moments you don’t want to miss, save them for posterity and for remembrance and integration in the sands of time. We strive to provide or customers with one of the few things they desire the most: capturing of the most treasured moments. And as with all our other services provided, we go about it with remarkable zeal.

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The importance of an event photographer is unparalleled, as its recent exponential boom has seen it unseat the more traditional and ancient form of photography at events: the photo booth. At parties and get togethers, one is always on the move, talking to friend and mingling with new people an having a good time, so it seems like a drawback to take time out and go to a photo booth. This is where a roaming photographer comes into play, as he is as mobile as you are and always there to take the right shots at the right time.

Do not be concerned about the word “roaming” as we can assure you that if you hire our photographer, he is solely for you as he roams with you and not away from you. So when trying to decide whether to go for a photo booth or a roaming photographer at your wedding, it is key to note that photo booths are obsolete now and a roaming photographer will serve you best. And not just any photographer, but a photographer from from royal events hire.

There is literally no event an Event photographer can’t come and cover, as they can be hired to take pictures at weddings, anniversaries, baby christenings, parties, birthdays, dinner gatherings, office functions and so on. Always mobile and on the move, we have photographers for you and for only $125 dollars an hour, we can offer you their services.

A great concern often shared by by customers is the fact that they feel that quantity and quality cannot be matched strength for strength. We try to put your mind at ease in that regard however, as we have photographers who while capturing all your moments take pictures that are rich in quality. We always ensure that the lighting, highlights depth and color are a preference as possible so as to properly capture the pictures in real time. Also, you can be rest assured that while the number of pictures being taken can be a lot, we make sure we are always on the go and capture the beautiful and important moments as promptly and excellently as possible. Emotions and reactions are very well captured, and the moods and feelings enamored in our pictures tell their own loud and vibrant stories. All this and more we try to provide for our esteemed clients.

A roaming photographer does his work simply and efficiently, and tries to deliver on photo magnets. Photo magnets essentially works on the principle of photo booths, minus the large, looming and occupying photo booth altogether. Also with a roaming photographer, there is no need for no cleanup times, removal or installation costs, or wait times as everything is done ready and on the go.

While capturing raw emotion, we don’t deliver raw pictures however, as we ensure there all pictures are well editing before delivering so as to even improve upon the initial quality. This editing is done by professionals so as to eliminate any possibility of potentially disrupting or damaging photographs and undoing the stunning work of the photographer. There is no need to also fret about a medium of collection of pictures as this package also entails that pictures are delivered to clients in a USB flash drive for easier access and for safety purposes.

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Photography is an art, and timing is of the utmost essence. We at royal events hire offers photography services that tick these two boxes, and leave you in awe of our quality. Be sure to give us a call on 0405 645 394 or 0402 585 565 and get to enjoy this service Today.

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