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Are you looking for a place where you can rent a lush red carpet to up your event? Look no further, because at Royal events hire, we offer the service of red carpet rentals in deals which are considerate and affordable.

By now everyone knows the appeal a red carpet draws. Used at a variety of events such as weddings, parties, award ceremonies and so on, there is this class and Prestige usually associated with red carpets that is hard to put into words. The red carpet is thick and quality with well rounded edges and stepping and walking on it gives one a celebrity and goes a long way in getting you in tune with the mood of whatever occasion it is you are attending. So be rest rest assured that whether you want to have your event give off a “Hollywood” vibe or you you want to ensure that the venue for your event is more aesthetically pleasing, be sure to hit us up on royal events hire and rent our red carpet.

Given there are unique preferences each customer might have, we have a variety of packages which we believe are tailored meet the specifications of prospective customers with the wonderful fact being that these packages are both complementary and exclusive.

For $250 a day, royal events hire offers our services at varying degrees. First in the line of these services is the rental of our 5m red carpet. This carpet is soft and retains a feel back which is smooth and long lasting. You are not mandated to clean after use, as this is our job (Although we do implore you to go easy, as maintenance is not the most pleasant job in the the world). The red carpet is not heavy and it is easy to roll up after use. Unlike most other cheap red carpets usually found at events which seems to diminish rather than bolster the mood and feel of events, ours are quite the contrary as we firmly deliver on quality and intended effect.
This package also includes the provision of 6 gold barriers and 4 red velvet ropes. A red carpet is usually incomplete without her gold barriers and velvet ropes as these auxiliaries help to perfectly complement the red carpet and give customers and their guests the complete experience. These ropes and barriers can also be used to demarcate entrances and possible waiting areas for regular guests and the VIP guests. Taking a photo on our red carpet is assured to give off that paparazzi feel because let’s face it, fewer things make you feel like a star like a red carpet does!!.

Red carpets are becoming increasingly popular in weddings. Formerly used mainly in the traditional sense at events such as awards and parties, it has been discovered in recent times that at events like weddings, guests tend to vibe more and feel more special when given the opportunities to work down red carpets. Also there is this heady feeling of euphoria a couple feel when they walk down a red carpet or walk down the aisle and they are flanked by friends, family and well wishers. Red carpets are also becoming increasingly popular with the birthday crowd, as people, especially kids, teenagers and celebrities all want themselves and their invitees to look glamorous and tight on these red carpets. They are also a photographer’s nirvana as red carpets provide an excellent backdrop for some really excellent pictures to be taken. Essentially, it seems like one can do no wrong with red carpets at your events and here at royal events hire, we really strive to ensure that we deliver these services to near perfection.

However that’s not all, as we try to go the extra mile and provide customers within a 40 kilometer radius of Doncaster with a free delivery service. The fact that this delivery is free doesn’t make us less reliable, as we ensure we arrive with your red carpet at the stipulated time. We also ensure that there is a corresponding pick up service which arrives to take the carpet and its complementary barriers and velvet ropes out of your hands quickly and safely.

Be sure to book for your red carpet and its barriers and ropes today by giving us a call on 0405 645 394 or 0402 585 565 and we will be sure to put you well on your way of having a red carpet at your event. Hit us up for your vip red carpet and bollards for only $250 a day, and you will surely be glad you did.

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