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The Royal Wedding Photo Booth Experience

A wedding photo booth is a machine that contains a DSLR camera and an amazing printer for those keepsake images.

It’s both entertaining and unforgettable.

Your guests will love making prints and high resolution photographs, watch them go wild and let loose.

A photo booth provides wedding with a charm and will make the happening events ten times more fun.

So whether your having a wedding photo booth hire melbourne, sydney, adelaide or brisbane – we want to be there!

Traditional weddings are old-school, think about it…

Everyone wants something new these days, especially when it comes to the wedding, they want to keep it

fresh and a wedding photo booth might be just the right tool to infuse the wedding with

new emotions and feelings.

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Wedding Videography

$1000 – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
$900 – Weekday and Winter
8 hours Videography
1 Videographer with 2 cameras used for ceremony and speeches
Several music montages – arrival, reception, evening and highlights
Ceremony and speeches with professionally recorded sound
A full length film (approx. an hour) and a highlight video (3-4 minutes)
A digital HD download of the full film and highlight video

Wedding Photography

$1100 – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
$1000 – Weekday and Winter
8 Hours Photography
500+ Photos
1 Photographer
Full rights to distribute, copy and print
All photos professionally edited
Photos provided as a digital download


Additional Hour – $100 (per service)
Additional Photographer/Videographer – $400
Additional Videographer with Drone – $500
Additional Videographer with Marryoke – $500
Raw Video Footage on USB – $100
Guest Messages – $100
Engagement Shoot – $300
Blu-ray – $30
DVD – $20
Photobook Album – $175
Fine Art Album – $400

Photo and Video Package

Photography and Videography (1 Photographer and 1 Videographer)
$2000 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
$1800 (Weekday and Winter)

Photography and Videography (1 Photographer and 1 Videographer)
$2000 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
$1800 (Weekday and Winter)

Newborn Photography

Weekday days – $175
Evenings and Weekends – $225

Studio quality photos in the comfort of your living room

20 edited high-resolution photos and all raw photos from the shoot

Maximum shoot time – 2 hours

Why Hire Our Wedding Photo Booth?

Photo booths are gaining in popularity and you can be sure – it’s a big hit on any wedding!

And there is a good reason behind it. Photo booths are a fun and innovative way to get you guests moving.

At some weddings, where the DJ isn’t that great, or you don’t have a professional photographer, well in that case it’s a no brainier to hire our photo booth,

Photo Booths Around Australia

You can also use different accessories while taking photos, so that photos actually vary and have an exclusive feel to them. One of the biggest advantages is that a photo can be ready in 15 seconds after the take as well as you can preview the photos before actually taking them. 

Photo booth can be decorated any way you want so you can match the theme of the wedding to create the wedding atmosphere. Unlike dancing, using a photo booth does not require a lot of energy, it’s a relaxing experience, which can be enjoyed by any guest.

 It’s also important to find a good placement for the booth. You don’t want it to be in the way but you also want it to be somewhere, where people actually walk, so that they would notice it. However placing it near the tables might not be the best idea, since constant flashes night be unpleasant for dining guest.

The Most Affordable Wedding Booth

Don’t forget to notify everybody about the booth. You might ask the DJ or an announcer to do that, or you could do it yourself. The point is: guests should definitely know about the booth so that they get a chance to take a wonderful photo!

You could also ask people to insert their pictures in the photo album near the booth after taking them, so that after the wedding you have a photo album with every guest. After the wedding you can gather all the guests together and show them the photo album. Everyone will have a great time and this album will be a great source of wonderful memories for years to come.

One thing you should definitely consider is making your own background, decorations and accessories for them to compliment the booth and make it an overall fun experience.

There is also an option to brand the photos you make with your own wedding brand and choose a photo design you like the most!

It allows for highly personalized photo album and will remind anybody of your wedding when they check out the pictures later.

 Overall photo booth is a great addition to any wedding. It can make a real difference, especially if you know guests are not too much into dancing. It can help you and your guests to have fun at the weddings and will create memories for years to come! You should definitely give it a try! “We’ve been mentioned by Vogue Ballroom & Vines of the Yarra Valley as one of the best Photobooth companies in Melbourne”.

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